Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Don't Serve Your Kind Here, Tubby

I can't even find words for this. This is me, though, so I'll dig deep and pull some out.

Seriously? Mississippi? You want to forbid fat people from eating in restaurants? Why don't we just start selling them into slavery? I mean, it's not a big leap.

There are so many problems with this I don't know where to begin. First of all, civil rights acts cover all people, right? So this law would not only be completely unconstitutional (I'm pretty sure the 9th Amendment's "unenumerated rights" includes eating) but it would violate previous laws as well. Next, this is completely unenforceable. You can't tell someone's BMI by looking at them. What looks like obesity to one person might look svelte to another. And what weight is healthy for one person might kill someone else. It's completely ridic.

So...I can go to the grocery store and stock up on cookies and ice cream, but I can't be served a salad at Applebee's? Yeah that makes sense.

Oh, and how can we overlook the fact that someone who is overweight and extremely healthy will still be seen as disgusting and sick, yet a thin person who doesn't take care of herself and eats poorly and never exercises is "lucky?" Another extremely logical double standard.

This bill is so ridiculous and offensive that I can't write anything more.

It's akin to this:

(I also would like to point out the grammatical error. I guess they only serve things belonging to white people?)


Julia said...

HAHAHAHA WHAT THIS IS HILARIOUS. come on could anyone think banning fat people from restaurants is a sane idea??? ok, ban them from ordering 5 double bacon whatever burgers, 2 xxl fries, and a diet pepsi....and make them get a salad, but why ban them? my boyfriend's mom works the drive through at burger king and says the same bunch of obese people come through every day and order ridiculous amounts of nasty stuff, then get a diet pepsi
ps this is julia hacker

Jim said...

"I guess they only serve things belonging to white people?"

Jim said...

I meant to say that was hilarious.