Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick and Dirty Update

Since I've been falling down on the job, I thought I'd just post a bunch of links that are interesting/infuriating. I guess you could say this is a la Feministing's Weekly Feminist Reader. Except I focus not only on feminism but also on other issues. And you know, there's is probably better. Anyhoo...

A teacher was fired for being pregnant. Because it's a catholic school and she wasn't setting "a good example as a [c]hristian in her personal and academic life" by having premarital sex. Apparently the catholics are exempt from Title IX and other laws? I really hope this woman sues them hard. I wonder if they'd fire a man for fathering a child while unmarried. I doubt it.

I hope I'm not the last person to discover this delightful site. Is Obama the messiah? Many of his followers (the ones that hero-worship him without knowing anything about his actual platform) seem to think so.

Jennifer Lopez had twins. On of each. I don't know why we care so much about celebrity babies, but there you go.

Lindsay Lohan was used as a model to recreate Marilyn Monroe's last photo shoot. Don't ask me why.

This is the part where happy fat people say "boo-ya": feeling like you are too fat is actually worse for you than being fat. Which means accepting your body no matter what size it is benefits you more than obsessive dieting. I'll probably go into more depth about this later.

In political news, Obama is now slightly ahead in delegates, though I still maintain we won't be certain until the actual convention. And allegedly John McCain may be schtupping some lobbyist. A republican getting a little on the side? *gasp* Aren't they supposed to be bastions of all things ethical?

Anything else?

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