Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super-Duper-Megatron Tuesday, Democratic Indesicion Edition

Technically, Hillary Clinton is still ahead, delegate-wise. But seriously not by much. We at least have to wait for the last few states with primaries (Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas are the biggies). Ohio and Pennsylvania are both expected to go to Clinton, but in this race, who even knows what's happening anymore. Predictions are worth very little these days. It's like the Super Bowl, and I hope New York prevails in this game too.

I have a feeling we won't be certain who the official nominee is until the actual Democratic Convention. It wouldn't surprise me if we had no clue until the speaker actually uttered the person's name. Part of me wants to pass out now and wake up in late August just in time to hear the nomination speech.

I seriously think that whichever one gets the official nomination should choose the other for their (*cough* her) running mate. McCain and whatever white dude schmo he picks for veep wouldn't stand a chance.

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