Sunday, February 3, 2008

$928,073 Doesn't Begin To Cover It, Mikey

There was a really good article in yesterday's New York Times about the fate of Michael Vick's dogs.

Twenty-two of them are at a sanctuary in Utah called Best Friends Animal Society. Twenty-five others are in foster care around the country. One was euthanized for being too aggressive against people to rehabilitate.

The article focused on Best Friends. Some of the dogs are court ordered to be there for the rest of their lives because they will likely never be adoptable. Some may eventually be adopted out. One, named Georgia, had all 42 of her teeth pried out so she wouldn't fight back when she was forced to breed. The workers at Best Friends are working with the dogs to try and make them trust humans again so they can find homes.

Pit bulls have been used for fighting because of their trusting nature and eagerness to please. They aren't inherently violent dogs (yes I am pimping my own work). Having worked in an animal shelter, I have seen dogs of all different breeds come in in all different states. There have been pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other "mean" breeds that were some of the gentlest dogs that came in. And there were dogs of other breeds that were aggressive. It was all about the environment they came from. If a dog is treated well, it will be a good dog. If it is neglected, left outside alone, mistreated, or in any other way abused, it will more likely be aggressive (though not always, I was there to meet Max, a mistreated German Shepherd who was very sweet).

PETA wanted to have all of Vick's dogs euthanized. Fortunately, there were shelters who were willing to take them in and work to rehabilitate them.

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Julia said...

LIZA did you know I work with a pit bull rescue group ( if you ever meet anyone who wants to rescue a pit bull let me know, there are members in NYC, and I have a foster dog right now I'd really like to get adopted out because my cat doesn't get along with her. she is a really great dog...she looks like a 50lb boston terrier lol

Liza said...

I knew you had pit bulls but I didn't know you actually worked with a group. Awesome. I saw a lot of good pit bulls passed over when I worked at the Humane Society in Savannah. Most of them were wonderful, and a few were put down in the end because being in the shelter so long had had serious negative effects on their temperament. If I here of anyone looking, I'll let you know or at least give them that website.

Liza said...

Ugh...I mean if I HEAR of anyone, not here. Stupid Liza!