Friday, February 8, 2008

Campaigning For Your Own Mother, The Horror!

Miraculously, the daughter of a strong, outspoken woman has grown into a strong, outspoken woman. How did that happen?

There was nothing wrong with Alexandra Kerry campaigning for her dad. Even her Cannes dress snafu was forgiven.

There's nothing wrong with the Bush twins' support of their father. Plus, no complaints about the parading of one's engagement to seem like a wholesome American family.

When John Edwards would bring his young children out, no one thought anything of it.

Michelle Obama is perfectly within her right to campaign for her husband.

Yet somehow, according to MSNBC's David Shuster, Chelsea Clinton is being "pimped" by her mother. Oh no, she didn't make her own choice as an adult (she's 27!). She couldn't possibly support her mother because, you know, she agrees with her policies or anything. She couldn't be relishing the fact that her own mother could very likely become the first female President (I couldn't be the only one that gets chills any time I read or write that). Nope. She's being pimped by her mother.

Like Chelsea hasn't put up with enough? Spending her teenage years (which are awkward for everyone) under constant scrutiny for her looks and had every tiny thing she did in the newspaper (like breaking up with a boyfriend, since she's the first girl to ever do that) weren't enough? Now she can't even support her own mother without MSNBC calling her "unseemly"? Gag me.

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