Friday, February 8, 2008

See, I Said I'd Find Something On McCain

I am forgiving of someone who originally was for the war in Iraq but is now against it. Bush and his cronies lied to everyone and made a false case to invade. While I didn't personally fall for it, I can see how someone might have. A lot of people were duped into thinking that war was a good idea, necessary even. Most of those people have since realized it was a fiasco and have changed their opinion. Those are the people I forgive. This includes civilians as well as government officials. The people I don't forgive and frankly have no use for are those who have watched Bush's plan go down in flames and still stand by it.

So when sent out an e-mail about John McCain's continued support of the war, well, I wasn't exactly surprised, but I almost blew calzone onto my computer screen. And it's been about four hours since I had dinner, so you can imagine it wouldn't be pretty.

Move On sent out a memo regarding McCain's unending support for the Iraq fiasco. It's pretty long, so I'll link to it instead of posting it here. What frightens me most is that he actually said "[M]ake it a hundred" years in Iraq and "that would be fine with me." Especially when I noticed he said this just a little over a month ago (January 3, 2008).

So along with Huckabee, Lover of Rapists we now have McCain, The Hundred-Year-Fiasco Warrior. We no longer have Romney the Mormon Dog Hater, as he "suspended" his campaign this week.

Another thing that scares me is that one of the apartments in my building has a McCain sign in their window. I will be shopping for a gigantic Hillary sign this coming week. My window is visible from the BQE, their's is too low to be seen.

Need I say more?

If I was better with Photoshop (or if I could afford it), I'd be having so much fun with that picture.

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