Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super-Duper-Megatron Tuesday, Pretty Much Final Results Edition

The Democrats are close, people. But Hillary Clinton is ahead. She has 845 delegates to Barack Obama's 765. I think that it would be wisest of whomever is officially nominated to choose the other as running mate. In a more beautiful world, we would be looking at a Clinton/Obama ticket or an Obama/Clinton ticket. Clinton actually won one less state than Obama, but she won the big ones (New York, California, etc)

Not that anyone cares, but MaCain is the lead schmuck Republican. He got 613 delegates to Romney the Mormon Dog Hater's 269 and Huckabee, Lover of Rapists' 190.

As far as McCain goes, he scares me less than Romney or Huckabee, who would basically completely disregard the separation of church and state and destroy all of our rights and lives. I'm not saying McCain would be particularly great (he certainly would not be), but at least he doesn't pull the god card as frequently.

It also amused me to no end that Georgia went to Huckabee. Why am I not surprised?

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