Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super-Duper-Megatron Tuesday, Early Results Edition

OK, so California is slow. Well, actually, they're 3 hours behind me, but that's no excuse. They're one of only two Super Duper States that hasn't reported results yet. The other is Missouri.

Even without those slowpokes, Clinton has 410 delegates to Obama's 331. And Hil is the projected leader of both Missouri and California.

I think there were some Republican results in there too, but who really cares?

Just kidding. McCain has 349 delegates, Romney the Mormon Dog Hater has 95, and Huckabee, Lover of Rapists has 123.

I promise McCain will get a pet name as soon as I dig up something notable on him. Give it time. Those other stories fell into my lap.

All of this information is coming from the New York Times.

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