Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Shows Are Ridiculous

I hate weddings. Seriously. I don't have any strong desire to get married, but if I ever do walk that plank I'm thinking city hall or Vegas (seriously, why would you want to go to a church and/or blow 50 grand on one stupid day when you can have an ordained alien or Elvis marry you?). I hate wedding shows even more than I hate weddings...unless the shows come with an open bar, too.

Anyhoo, this video is awesome:

Edit: Random thought - someone should open a Transformers-themed chapel in Vegas. I mean, seriously, there would be nothing cooler than having Optimus Prime perform your wedding. If they did that I'd grab the next guy that passed me on the street and marry him. Or maybe it could be 80s-toy themed in general. That way you could choose, would you like to be married by Optimus, She-Ra, or Funshine Bear?

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LeArmoire said...

That was good.
I was just expressing my sheer hatred for reality TV in general to someone. Yay!