Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alex Trebek Is STILL A D-Bag

So tonight the final category is the Heisman Trophy.

As soon as Alex revealed it, he said "and the ladies just went 'augggh!'" To which my insides went "augggh!"

Because women NEVER pay attention to sports.


*EDIT* All three contestants got it right, including the two women (one of whom won). It was easy, name one of the two winners who share their last name with a U.S. President? Duh, all three of them said Reggie Bush. As did I. God, standing around making small talk at the end, I'd be like "So, you didn't think the girls would know sports, eh, douchebag Alex? Well, suck it."


Veronica said...

It's funny that you're blogging all this about Alex. I know a women's studies prof who was on Jeopardy! and I asked her at a recent meeting how he was and she said he was very nice. *shrug* I've never liked him anyway.

Liza said...

I don't normally, lol. I just happened to watch Jeopardy 2 days in a row and he acted douchey each day.

He could be nice, for all I know. I just happened to notice two dumb things he's said.

Usually when I watch I ignore him and just try and answer the questions (question the answers? whatever)

Juliar said...

Suck it, Trebek!

Veronica said...

haha! I totally heard Wil Ferrell say that!

Liza said...