Friday, June 6, 2008

Barrage of Links About Body Image

I'm too fat and lazy to do a long post about each of these. So have some blurby goodness.

Madonna hates her thighs. Cuz, you know, being Italian and pushing 50, plus having popped out a couple of kids doesn't allow for anything but stick legs and a complete lack of body fat. Maybe she was just trying to come across as someone women could "relate to?" (I know I would otherwise relate to fake British accents and doinking your personal trainer, it was just the thighs that stopped me)

An obviously unwell woman decided to blog about all the fat people at WisCon and blur out their faces to make it OK. Apparently in her (fake) apology she blamed an eating disorder for her hate. I thought those were internal? Oh, and oopsie, one of the targeted people saw it and responded.

I'm pretty sure this is the basis of the CSI episode "Big Middle."

Talk body image with former Olympian Dominique Dawes.

There's an identity to being fat. Which sounds a lot better to me than, say, considering self-inflicted injury at age 10 because of a particularly harsh teasing incident and still being on anti-depressants/having no self-esteem 14 years later thanks to the constant barrage of insults as a child. Hypothetically.

Personal fitness scores sent home from gym class to parents? Based on BMI, which is complete crapola, no less (like the Wii Fit?). Always good to add potential fodder to the merciless bullies of elementary schools. I'm pretty certain my parents knew I was the fat kid. Not to mention the fact that these tests (based on number of sit-ups/push-ups, and mile-run times) only measure some fitness. I'd have failed that but if there'd been a swim test I'd probably have done close to the best out of everyone despite having twice as much to pull through the water.

The craze for celebrity "baby-bump watching" is stupid and offensive on many levels.

More about the problems with Wii Fit.

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