Monday, June 30, 2008

I Hate Judgmental Video Games

Here's a good editorial about Wii Fit.

It uses BMI (crap) to determine your goals and will give you weight-loss tips even if you enter "no change" in your weight loss preferences. Plus, once it measures your BMI (again, crap) it will change your Mii's body accordingly. And again, no matter what your enter as your goal, it will select a BMI (do I have to say it again? crap) goal for you. Apparently 22 is some sort of universal crap BMI magic number or something.

I wonder if it would give mine giant knockers. I mean, if it's trying to make your Mii's body more like yours...

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Meg said...

22 is supposedly the top of the ideal range for BMI. 17 to 22 or something like that. That would drive me crazy playing a game that dwells on BMI since it really has so little to do with fitness. Then again, I don't particularly like the idea of getting fit by playing a video game so I'm obviously not their target audience. :| I wonder if it's as boring to play as it sounds? I mean, if people really want to get fit wouldn't a good, easy first step be to put the video game away and go for a walk? Craziness, I know. :)