Monday, June 23, 2008

Alex Trebek Is A D-Bag

I'm a big geek and I pretty much watch Jeopardy! every day that I can be in front of my TV at 7 PM.

My least favorite part is where the contestants introduce themselves (I don't CARE what you do for a living - I just want the geeky trivia!). Today though, one of the contestants, a man named Sven, said that when he got married both he and his wife changed their last names.

Alex Trebek couldn't seem to wrap his head around that. He asked, "so Sven ---- [I didn't catch the last name] isn't your real name?" To which he was like, "It's my real name, just not my birth name."

(women change their names all the time when they get married, but never have to have that conversation. it's expected of us.)

I didn't catch if he said why he and his wife chose to do this, I was too busy thinking that he was a badass and that Trebek's reaction was incredibly stupid. Plus I was making dinner.

If I find a video of it later, I'll post it. But the episode just ended. He won, by the way.

*Edit*: Thanks to Google, it appears his "fake" last name is Sinclair.


Andy Saunders said...


Caught your comment to my blog and read your post. Alex definitely seemed to have difficulty with the concept.

I'm not 100% sure of the story behind the change, so I won't say anything about it, lest I be accused of spreading incorrect information around. I do think that it's an interesting idea though in general, both parties giving something up (as opposed to just one).


Liza said...

Whatever the reason, I was just entertained that Trebek couldn't wrap his mind around it.

I like the idea.