Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Good Out of the Spitzer Fiasco

So, Spitzer is probably going to resign. We all pretty much figured, right?

I was thinking about it. It may actually do some good for the state. Not that Spitzer was bad for the state, from my point of view and with what I care about he actually was very good. But, with him leaving there is allowance for some shuffling that may be beneficial. According to the New York Times, if/when he steps down, David Paterson would become Governor. And as I said yesterday, I believe he will do a fine job. I think that ideologically he's very similar to Spitzer. He also gave an incredible speech at the FPA Conference I attended yesterday. Also, as an interesting tidbit, he would be New York's first black (and legally blind) governor.

So then Senator Joseph Bruno would become Lt. Governor. This is where I think I may have found some silver lining. He's the current majority leader of the state senate. He's also a republican. Very anti-reproductive freedom. Which means he has consistently blocked the Healthy Teens Act and RHPPA from getting to a floor vote and, ultimately, getting passed. So in theory with him in the Lt. Gov. seat, there is a chance that his successor will be friendly to women and possibly get these laws passed. I guess that depends on who succeeds him as majority leader. I don't know how this sort of thing is handled. Will there be a special election in his district? Will the republicans still be a majority in the state senate? I think it was only a one seat difference. So without him there, there is a tie until his seat is filled.

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