Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Have a Feeling This Wouldn't Go Over So Well In New York

But it's in Georgia, so...yeah. Minor league baseball team the Macon Music (say it out loud, then reminisce about the city's now-defunct hockey team the Whoopee) has deemed June 13 "Eliot Spitzer Night". They have extended an invitation to the future former governor to come throw out the first pitch. Some other perks:

-The 9th fan to enter (a.k.a. "Client 9") will get a prize pack.
-Anyone named Eliot, Spitzer, or Kristen will recieve an admission discount. So will any fan from New York or anyone who has ever "resigned a position."
-There will be a giveaway: a trip to New York and a stay in the Mayflower Hotel (except I thought the Mayflower was in DC?).

I haven't decided yet if I find this funny or horrible. I guess it could be a little of both.

Thanks Jen for sending this to me, by the way.

I close with an amusing Daily Show video:

"It was his Achilles heel...if Achilles' heel had been on his penis"

Also, the lip bite factor:

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