Sunday, April 27, 2008

Killing People Is Only OK In The Name Of Jesus

Why am I not surprised.

Apparently, a soldier names Jeremy Hall is filing a suit against the Army saying he was harassed by his colleagues for being an atheist.

When he complained, the Army claimed it "couldn't protect him." So he filed a suit through the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

So let me just get this straight for a moment. In the military it's OK to sexually harass or even assault women, keep gays in the closet and discharge wounded soldiers then lie about pre-existing conditions to get out of paying veterans' benefits and disabilities...

...but it's not alright to be an atheist. I guess as long as you rape female soldiers in the name of God, it's perfectly OK.


P.S. It also bothered me when I went to Normandy that the graves were either crosses or Stars of David. If you were Jewish you got a star. Anything else and you got a cross. Because obviously if you weren't Jewish you had to love Jesus. There are only two religions out there, after all.

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