Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Right-Wing Morons Actually CAN'T Do Whatever They Like

Bastion of all things psychology Dr Phil is in trouble. Apparently he visited Britney Spears in the nuthouse and ("allegedly") offered her counseling. And possibly an opportunity to appear on his show, you know, 'cause he's such a giver and would get nothing out of that. Well, it may come as a complete shock to all, but he's not licensed to practice psychology. He has never been licensed in California, where Brit's looney bin is, and he gave up his license in Texas. A complaint has been filed against him, presumably by an actual psychologist who practices (with a license) at that facility. Oh, yeah, and the kicker? If he really WAS counseling Britney, we shouldn't know about it. That's a violation of HIPAA.

I love when right-wing talk-show idiots get into trouble. It's like a hug from Snuggles the bear. Cozy and soft, with a delightful scent.

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