Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton. Really, no other title is needed.

OK, so this is sort of recycled. But it's the last one. For reals this time.

Why I am voting for Hillary Clinton

I'm already getting *ahem* dissent for supporting Hillary. I chose her because of her platform and record. She's also incredibly intelligent, level-headed, well-spoken, etc. But I'm going to put up several points from her platform that will explain why I am voting for her.

I figure since the media enjoys raking her over the coals I could put up the truth about her and maybe a few people will realize how much better she than what they've been fed.

-Lower taxes for the middle class.
-Tax credits for college tuition.
-Retirement plans for every American.
-Affordable, available, reliable health care for all. By choice. If you are happy with your current coverage, you can keep it. But if you are one of the millions with no insurance, or with lousy coverage, you will be taken care of. ***without discrimination for pre-existing conditions***
-A three-step plan for ending the War in Iraq starting her first 60 days in office.
-Using economic and diplomatic means with Iran instead of resorting to war.
-Stricter fuel efficiency standards for auto manufacturers as one of many steps to reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
-Heavy investment in improving public schools, including Pre-K and ending the despicable No Child Left Behind.
-Making financial aid for college easier to get.
-Restoring America's image in the world.
-Advocating Women's rights:.
-Grants to get childcare for working parents.
-Upholding Roe v. Wade to ensure that EVERY woman has reproductive freedom.
-Equal pay for men and women (right now women make on average 77 cents for every dollar a man makes in a comparable job)
-Access to family planning for low-income women
-Ending Bush''s war on science.
-Allowing ethical embryonic stem cell research. (you know, so people with terminal diseases have a fighting chance...perish the thought!)
-Fair and honest elections with a paper trail and impartial officials.
-Making Election Day a national holiday (meaning no work) so that everyone can vote.
-Same sex civil unions with the same full rights as heterosexual couples.
-Ending Don't Ask Don't Tell.
-Stricter hate crime laws.
-Strengthening our borders without breaking up families.

I didn't want to put in every detail, this note would be a novel, but there's more on her website.

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Jim said...

I'm with you. Totally.