Monday, May 26, 2008

Quickie: Love Yourself, Screw Better

Sometimes it's astounding what Google Alerts will send me. My alert for "abortion" turns up some scary (and misinformed) crap. So does "feminism." And some of the others I have will send me things that don't even relate to the topic at hand.

Seriously. I just clicked on one that was some kid's Live Journal entry about how he had been accepted to the University of Georgia (woot! must be a smart kid). And I don't have a "University of Georgia" alert set up.

This one is actually on-topic, though. A blog post about how body image can affect your sex life. Though it seems like common sense to me. If you are self-conscious, sex won't be as good. Inhibitions are bad.

And it even came in attached to my "body image" alert. Way to get one right, Google.

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