Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Take On The Edwards Endorsement

He endorsed Obama, in case you didn't know.

How deliciously safe it is. He waited until it started to look like Obama was really going to win, then he pounced. But he did it while the race was still technically on, so it would look genuine. How deliberate, calculating and convenient to wait until now.

It's kind of like how Bush waited until all the Republicans had dropped out, then endorsed McCain. Except Bush isn't smart enough to calculate when to do it so it still looked real.

How glaringly obvious, Johnny.

And very interesting that NARAL Pro-Choice America made the same slick move. Of course it's especially stupid for them because of the possibility of alienating a lot of their donors.

And yes, if Clinton were ahead and he'd picked her I'd say the exact same thing.

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