Friday, August 15, 2008

If I Didn't Already Despise American Apparel

I found this gem of an article on the Feministing community about the founder of American Apparel.

Apparently he has multiple sexual harassment lawsuits because he likes to go to meetings in his underwear and take his wang out in the office.

Unfortunately, that article sounds like it's making excuses for him and almost glorifying his actions. I'm not. He's a disgusting human being and if I ever bought their stuff I would stop now.

I mean, I already don't buy their shirts because they run so damn small I can barely cram myself into an XXL (I wear an L or XL in other brands). This just gives me another reason.

But not too long ago I was desperate for a job and a nearby AA store had a hiring sign, so I figured what the hell, it's work, and went in to apply. Instead of an actual application they gave me a slip of paper with an email address and instructions to send in my resume and 3 pictures of myself so they could "see my sense of style." I was tempted to send the exact same resume in twice, once with pictures of the real me and again with a different name and pictures of a very skinny person and see which they called back. But I couldn't figure out the logistics of doing that without someone figuring it out. I thought asking for photos before being hired was illegal. At the very least it's unethical.

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Julia Hacker said...

Liza what's your opinion on palin calling herself a pit bull? I thought you might think it's as ridiculous as I do. I don't know if you can see this without signing up, but

"If Sarah Palin was a pit bull...she would get stared at and assumed that she was evil and mean when she was really just a sweetheart looking for love"

Is that what she means??? hahaaha